October 24, 2016


Moulting is a natural process where birds renew their feathers thereby ensuring their plumage is in top condition for flight and warmth. For most poultry this occurs once  a year but more rarely in some breeds moulting may occur  twice a year or very rarely every two years.

The first moult can be quite alarming for first time chicken keeper, who cannot understand why their otherwise healthy chickens suddenly lose their lovely feathers and look so grim.


The following articles should answer most of the questions we get asked about moulting:


Moulting – My Chicken is Going Bald  If it is late summer/ early autumn chances are your chickens are only doing what comes naturally and replacing their tired old feathers with shiny new ones.


Order of  the Moult -  Moulting occurs naturally at least once a year and the moult usually happens in a fairly set order.


Why are My Hens Moulting in Winter?   It is not unusual to see chickens moulting in winter despite the fact that it appears to defy all logic. Why would chickens want to lose their feathers just when they need them most?