September 25, 2016

Pecking Order in Poultry

The term 'pecking order' is familiar to all of us and refers to the hierarchical order within a poultry… [more]

Pecking Order in Poultry Pecking Order in Poultry

Plymouth Rock – Chicken Breed

  Plymouth Rocks           Adult… [more]

Plymouth Rock – Chicken Breed Plymouth Rock - Chicken Breed

Newcastle Disease in Chickens

Newcastle disease (also called Avian Distemper, Paramyxovirus or Fowl Pest) is common worldwide, but… [more]

Newcastle Disease in Chickens Newcastle Disease in Chickens

Silkie – Chicken Breed

  as         Adult Weight - Male… [more]

Silkie – Chicken Breed Silkie - Chicken Breed

Marek’s Disease

Marek’s Disease is commonly found in flocks of chickens and turkeys. Marek’s Disease is caused by… [more]

Marek’s Disease Marek’s Disease

Poultry Lice

All poultry have some lice at some time in their lives. Lice are extremely irritating to your chickens… [more]

Poultry Lice Poultry Lice

Worms in Poultry

Understanding worms and worming is essential if you are to keep healthy chickens. Many health problems… [more]

Worms in Poultry Worms in Poultry

Todays Most Viewed Poultry Articles

Black Orpington Hen

Orpington – Chicken Breed

  Orpington         Adult Weight – Male 4.5 kg (10 lb), Female 3.6 – 4.8 kg (7.9 – 10.6 lbs) Colour - black (single or rose comb), blue (laced) buff and white Purpose – Egg layer and show Egg Production – Small to Medium sized 175 – 200 per annum Egg Colour – […]

Barnevelder Double Laced Rooster

Barnevelder – Chicken Breed

  Barnevelder     Adult Weight – Male: 3.20 – 3.60 kg (7-8 lb) ; Female: 2.70 – 3.20 kg (6-7 lb) Colour – Black, double laced, partridge and silver. Only the dark brown double laced are available in US. Purpose – Dual Purpose Egg Production – Large 180 – 200 per annum Egg Colour -  Dark Brown […]

White Leghorn Rooster

Leghorn – Chicken Breed

  Leghorn     Adult Weight – Male 2.4 – 2.7 kg (5 -6 lb), Female 2.1 – 2.5 kg (4.4 -5.1 lb) Colour –  white, brown, black, blue (not laced), buff, cuckoo, golden duckwing, silver duckwing, exchequer, mottled, partridge and pyle Purpose – Egg layer Egg Production – Medium sized 280 – 300 per […]

speckled sussex hen

Sussex – Chicken Breed

  Sussex Hens       Adult Weight – Male 3.4 – 4.1 kg (7.5 -9 lb), Female 2.7 – 3.2 kg (6 -7 lb) Colour – Brown, buff, light, red, speckled, silver, coronation and white Purpose – Egg layer and Meat Egg Production – Large sized 240 – 260 per annum Egg Colour – Cream […]

Pasting up in young chicks

Pasting Up in Young Poultry Chicks

If your chicks have arrived by mail, before placing them in their brooder you should check them for ‘pasting up’. This is where their droppings harden and block their vents, preventing them passing any further droppings. If not quickly attended to pasting up will kill the chick. Often pasting up results from stress incurred as a […]

Moving chicks to outside

Moving Chicks Outside

Your chicks will grow quickly and soon what seemed like a big brood box may start to look cramped, hence our suggestion that you allowed for a minimum of 2 square feet per chick, from the start. If they become cramped they may start picking on each other, even causing injury. After about two to three weeks […]

Feeding young chicks

Feeding Young Poultry Chicks

Young chicks are very messy and just like any young creature they enjoy playing around. This means that food and water will tend to get knocked over no matter how well made the containers. Water Chicks like adult chickens need a constant supply of clean water. However you should never use a flat open water […]

Bedding for young chicks

Bedding for Young Poultry Chicks

Even from a very young age baby chicks will produce a lot of mess, so bedding will need to be changed frequently. As with older chickens bedding should not be allowed to get too wet and young chicks are even more susceptible to health problems arising from damp bedding. The bedding for the poultry chicks should not be […]

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